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Mock Scouting Director Assignment Thread

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Scouting Director Assignments

If you want to be a scouting director, ask in the comment thread. I will update the main thread to indicate who each director is. Once you see your name on the list, please start a Mock Organization Diary, titled MOD: Yankees or MOD: Brewers or whatever your team is.

Remember, you MUST be available for the Mock Draft on Sunday, June 4, at 2:00 PM central time.

Duties of the Scouting Director include managing the conversation in the MOD Diary thread. This is a collaborative effort. I don't want you to run your threads like a dictator, but approach it like you are really a scouting director and the other participants are your scouts, farm analysts, etc. Each scouting director should have a deputy to run the draft if the SD has to step away or cancel at the last minute.

Anaheim: flyby4553
Arizona: ISC
Atlanta: MPK
Baltimore: erudite
Boston: sanchez101
Cincinnati: JJ1986
Chicago AL: mrkupe
Chicago NL: IanCobb
Cleveland: Ludacrispat26
Colorado: bballfanlvnv
Detroit: VtTigers
Florida: Yanksfan6129
Houston: longhornjaws
Kansas City: C
Los Angeles: CanuckDodger
Milwaukee: lsu31always
Minnesota: ajc
New York AL: cinthree
New York NL: briands84
Oakland: ohad
Philadelphia: overlord
Pittsburgh: danman31
St. Louis: fewgoodcards
San Diego: robb
San Francisco: bartonboi
Seattle: ConorGlassey
Tampa Bay: PolkCountyRay
Texas: RcCook
Toronto: philblunt
Washington: rly723