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Guess the Prospect!

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Guess the Prospect!

I was a first round pick from a four-year university, where I put up some very gaudy statistics. I made my pro debut in Double-A the year after being drafted and did very well, hitting .281 with 28 homers. After a small stint in Triple-A the next year, I moved up to the majors and had a successful debut season, hitting 24 homers with a .272 average. But I never developed beyond that point. I had a lot of power and a strong throwing arm, but my strike zone judgment was terrible, and pitchers eventually figured out how to deal with me. I lasted nine years in the majors, but due to a combination of injuries and strikeouts, I never really lived up to my potential.

Who Am I?

The winner of today's Guess the Prospect! gets to select a Crystal Ball or a Prospect Retro for Friday.