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2006 Predictions

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My Fearless 2006 Predictions:
National League Rookie of the Year: Ryan Zimmerman (great from start to finish)
American League Rookie of the Year: Andy Marte (comes up in May and hits great)
National League Cy Young: Roy Oswalt (only 20 game winner in the NL)
American League Cy Young: Mark Buehrle (wins 24 games due to terrific run support)
National League MVP: Miguel Cabrera (narrowly beats out Albert Pujols)
American League MVP: Vlad Guerrero (leads Angels to outstanding season)
National League Pennant: Cardinals
American League Pennant: Angels
World Championship: Cardinals

No-Hitters: Roy Oswalt in May, Scott Kazmir in September
Biggest Scare for Fantasy Owners: Felix Hernandez goes on the DL in June with a sore shoulder. Surgery is avoided.
Biggest One-Game Surprise: John Buck hits three homers and a double, driving in seven runs, on a 90-degree Sunday afternoon in Kansas City in July.
Biggest One-Month Surprise: Brett Tomko goes 4-0, 1.25 in April and wins Pitcher of the Month award.
Biggest First-Half Surprise: Neifi Perez hits .333 in the first half of the year. He hits .180 in the second half.
Biggest Second-Half Surprise: Daniel Cabrera leads the AL in ERA and strikeouts in August and September.

What do you think of these predictions? Post your own!