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Kirby Puckett, Goodbye

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Hi. This is Jeri, for John, who is visiting his family in Des Moines.

This is a sad day for baseball fans, and family of Mr. Puckett.

I know John agrees with me when I say that we should be happy for Kirby in that he didn't have to suffer a long time, and be a live without living.

Lots of things have been said, and will be said in the coming days about the man Kirby was, and the man it seems he became in his final years.

It certainly seems that he lost his way after his forced retirement. The scandals that followed Puckett in his final years on the personal level unfortunately can't help but detract from the way we remember him. Those scandals can't be forgotten, nor should they be.

However, nothing could ever detract from what he did for the game of baseball while he played it. He played with fun and grace.

I hope that despite the damage he caused to himself and others, Kirby will also be remembered as someone who truly loved baseball.