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We've finished up the organization Top 20 Prospects today with the Rockies.

Plans for the next week are unavoidably nebulous. I will be travelling to Des Moines tomorrow to visit my mother, who is back home now after spending the last three months in Cedar Rapids due to my grandmother's death. I don't know when I will be back to Lawrence, exactly. I'll be back by Friday at the latest to do my weekly XM radio appearance, but I don't know if that means I come home on Wednesday or Thursday. It just depends.

In Des Moines I will have internet access, but not as much as I normally do. Jeri will be here, and with her help we should still be able to keep you entertained and informed.

The John Sickels Baseball Newsletter starts up March 15-16. It will begin with a revised Top 50/50 List. The newsletter costs $39.95 ($34.95 for returning customers). It is an email product that compliments and enhances what I do here. An example of the newsletter can be found by clicking here. You can order the 2006 edition of the newsletter at

With the spring training in full gear, I'll also be resuming my weekly articles for Rotowire.

UPDATE: I will be traveling today. This week, I plan to do a Prospect Retro for Kirby Puckett for obvious reasons. That will probably post on Tuesday. Oops, I forgot I already did a Puckett Retro.