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John Sickels Product Update--JERI

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We've reached the rather surprising status of, for the most part, being sold out of the Baseball Prospect Book 2006.

We have a few copies (like less than 5), so I've removed all the order buttons from our website. If you need information on getting one of the remaining copies, email me at the jsbn01 account.

We obviously underestimated the demand for the books this year. Next year we'll adjust for that when we print.

We knew we'd likely sell out, but we thought that would be next January, not before the season started.

So, to all who ordered, and spread the word, thanks.

If you missed the boat this year, you still have a chance, and you can always order early next year. (Hint, Hint)

Just a small point--we never run out of Newsletter subscriptions-- it's still not too late! ;-)