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What is going to be this year's baseball scandel? The thing that writers pull out on slow news days?

Steriods is the easy answer, though that actually puzzles me. Here's what I think about that:

  1. They should never have been legal.
  2. The fact is that they WERE legal, and no one should have anything to say about any player who used them during that legal period.
  3. Any player proven to have used them after they were made illegal is a cheater, and should be out of the game. Period.
What's the problem? The fact that steroid users might hold records should not be an issue if the league said it was legal at the time.

That would be like putting a stop sign in an intersection and ticketing all who drove through without stopping prior to the sign being put up.

If players got records by using steroids after they were made illegal, then the records should be stripped, as with any other type of cheating.

So, what's your best guess for scandel of the season? Will it be steroid use? Something else?