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Travelling, Again--from JERI

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Hi, all. John's been called to Des Moines again, at about 4:30 this morning. We are talking about hours, which is, quite frankly, a blessing.

John's dad had a massive stroke 12 years ago, resulting in the death of one complete side of his brain, and a lot of physical and mental functioning. He has been in a nursing home for almost that entire time, proving too difficult for John's mom to care for at home.

It's very odd, the way emotions work. There hasn't been a day in the last 12 years that we haven't wished and prayed for Joe's struggling to end, that we haven't mourned his loss. Now that his death is truly upon us, though, we are surprised to find that we're maybe not as prepared as we thought.

I think a lot of the sadness is simply the release of stresses built up over a decade of waiting. There are also other emotions, too, that are not as easily pin-pointed.

I guess that's normal...

At any rate, John is very grateful for all your patience and support. Doing the blog has become one of his favorite things to do, so I know he'll be posting off and on as time permits.