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What do you guys have planned for opening day? Are you going to a game near you? If not, do you do anything special to make the game more fun?

John and I have never actually gone to opening day, but we usually 'celebrate' it by having stadium food or pizza while watching the game on TV. If we're really festive that year, I'll make those big soft pretzels.

The pretzels and the Sheboygan (spelling?) brats are the two main reasons for me to go to a game. The sport itself takes a close third, though.

Last year I made a mistake, and watched them make the brats...did you know that they (at least in Royal Stadium) pour tons of corn oil on them right before serving the brats? I'm talking like a 1/2 gallon on about eight of 'em. It was truly gross. I mean trip your gag reflex gross. The saddest part is that I was absolutely disgusted, but still managed to down the whole thing.

My standards are, obviously, quite low when it comes to stadium food quality.