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Mark Prior Projection Results

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Community Projection for Mark Prior:

We had 32 entries. Two of those entries said that Prior would miss the entire season. The Results:

16 starts
103 innings
7-5 record
3.66 ERA
111 strikeouts
36 walks
95 hits allowed

Those results look reasonable if Prior does miss half the season to injury. On a per inning basis, compared to his career norms thus far:

2006 Projected Career Norm
6.4 innings per start 6.3 innings per start
3.66 ERA 3.24 ERA
9.70 K/9 IP 10.56 K/9 IP
3.15 BB/9 IP 2.86 BB/9 IP
8.30 H/9 IP 7.87 H/9 IP

Basically the community as a whole believes that Prior will miss half the season with injury, and that he will be slightly less effective on a component basis overall than compared to his career totals thus far.