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Cheesey Newsletter Ad--from JERI

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Birds are beginning to sing, flowers are soon to bloom, and the John Sickels Baseball Newsletter is now taking orders: All sure signs that spring is just on the horizon.

By now you've no doubt devoured The Baseball prospect Book 2006, the blog isn't quite detailed enough, and one hour a week on XM radio isn't nearly long enough to satisfy your need for minor league info...

That's where the JSBN comes in! Chances are if you know the drill: The newsletter starts in Mid-March, and newsletter comes out about 3 times per week, contains mailbag articles (where your questions are answered), in-depth prospect reports, and first-hand reports of minor league games John attends.

This subscription comes right to your e-mail box, for the price of $39.95 (for new subscribers). Returning subscribers pay $34.95.

Ordering is simple, simple, simple! , and then use the conveniently placed `PAY NOW' buttons to complete the sign-up process.

Just take care to:

USE the CORRECT button for your order status. If you are re-ordering, hit the button for the RE-ORDER price; if you are a new subscriber, hit the button for the NEW SUBSCRIPTION price.

PROVIDE your correct e-mail address, if your Paypal email is not your regular email account.

IF you don't like making internet payments, just send a check for the proper amount to the post office box:

Thanks, and Happy Ordering!!!