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Printing Irregularities

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Hi. This is Jeri, with a book update. We are receiving scattered reports of books with various pages either missing or in the wrong places.

Clearly, we are not happy with our printer this year. More on that later.

We have no idea how many books are messed up. Problems like this are sometimes 'onesies', but are sometimes known to occur in groups of 32 or 64.

SO: IF you received a book that is messed up in this manner, please email me at, and let me know this. We'll make arrangements to get the bad books back and send new books.

This is the account I man during order season. I will be printing off the messages and presenting them to the printer, which is why I don't want responses made only in the blog.

One favor: PLEASE do not email me to tell me that your book looks fine. I like to hear that type of thing, but with over 1,300 shipped out, that will be an awful lot of emails to go through, and I'm having enough trouble keeping up with the 100 or so a day I already get.

It is my hope, of course, that there are only a few books out there with problems, but our book luck tends to lend itself to catastrophic-level snafus.

Thanks in advance.