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Wednesday: Cleveland Indians Top 20; Guess the Prospect!
Thursday: Cincinnati Reds Top 20; Prospect Retro: Hee Seop Choi
Friday: Texas Rangers Top 20; Is There Any Hope For Alexis Rios
Saturday: St. Louis Cardinals Top 20; All Questions Answered Thread
Sunday: Seattle Mariners Top 20
Monday: Philadelphia Phillies Top 20; Is There Any Hope For Sean Burroughs?

I was going to do an AQA thread today, but it doesn't fit into my schedule well today, so I think I will postpone it until Saturday. That way I can spent a lot more time on the thread. If I did it today I could only do it for an hour or so, but if I wait until Saturday I can spend a couple of hours and answer a lot more questions. I will post a "pre-thread" later this week so you can submit questions ahead of time.

On Friday we'll do an "is there any hope for" feature, so please suggest a struggling young player to analyze.