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Arizona Diamondbacks Top 20 Prospects

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  1. Carlos Quentin, OF, Grade A
  2. Stephen Drew, SS, Grade A-
  3. Chris Young, OF, A-
  4. Justin Upton, SS, A-
  5. Conor Jackson, 1B, A-
  6. Matt Torra, RHP, B+
  7. Carlos Gonzalez, OF, B+
  8. Dustin Nippert, RHP, B
  9. Garrett Mock, RHP, B
  10. Micah Owings, RHP, B-
  11. Enrique Gonzalez, RHP, B-
  12. Cesar Nicholas, 1B, B-
  13. Chris Carter, DH, C+
  14. Miguel Montero, C, C+
  15. Ross Ohlendorf, RHP, C+
  16. Matt Green, RHP, C+
  17. Brandon Medders, RHP, C+
  18. Greg Smith, LHP, C+
  19. Jason Bulger, RHP, C
  20. Matt Chico, LHP, C
One hell of a farm system, although it thins out a bit more quickly than the Dodgers system.

I expect some of this will be controversial at the top. I prefer Quentin over Drew and Jackson for the non-objective reason that he looks like one hell of a player to me on a personal scouting basis. Drew has more athleticism and Jackson is more polished in some ways as a hitter, but Quentin has the best combination (in my opinion) of athleticism, skills, enthusiasm, and work ethic. I fully recognize that not everyone will agree with that. Drew has a higher ceiling, I admit, but I think it more likely that Quentin will reach his.

I love Chris Young and I can't believe the White Sox traded him.

Justin Upton, once he plays, will likely be at the top of this list next year. I just didn't want to rank him ahead of the other guys without actually having some game data to go on.

Pitching depth is less impressive, but Nippert has been a long-term favorite, and Mock is one of the biggest pitching sleepers in the minors. I've also liked Micah Owings since his college days.

Nicholas and Carter have booming bats but positional questions.