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Oakland Athletics Top 20 Prospects

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Daric Barton


  1. Daric Barton, 1B, Grade A-
  2. Kevin Melillo, 2B, Grade B+
  3. Javier Herrera, OF, Grade B
  4. Cliff Pennington, SS, B
  5. Travis Buck, OF, B
  6. Danny Putnam, OF, B
  7. Santiago Casilla (Jairo Garcia), RHP, Grade B (changed from B+ book grade due to Age-Gate)
  8. Craig Italiano, RHP, B
  9. Shane Komine, RHP, B-
  10. Jimmy Shull, RHP, B-
  11. Jared Lansford, RHP, B-
  12. Kurt Suzuki, C, C+
  13. Vincent Mazzaro, RHP, C+
  14. Richie Robnett, OF, C+
  15. Dan Meyer, LHP, C+
  16. Jared Burton, RHP, C+
  17. Jason Ray, RHP, C+
  18. Ramon Alvarado, OF, C+
  19. John Rheinecker, LHP, C
  20. Justin Sellers, SS, C
There is a lot of uncertainty in that C+ group, a mixture of 2005 disappointments (Meyer, Robnett) and guys with long-term potential but unproven track records.

I like both Buck and Putnam, but both have some risk of "tweenerdom" when it comes to power development.

I thought about raising Pennington's grade to B+. . .Baseball America ranks him ahead of Melillo due to questions about Melillo's glovework. But for now I will leave it the way it is. The question is not whether Melillo should be a grade B, but whether Pennington should be a B+. He doesn't have Melillo's power, but has better speed and better defensive value.
UPDATE: The general consensus is that Jared Burton is overrated on this list. Looking at it, I likely did not account sufficiently for age-relative-to-league factors. Grade C and a lower ranking would be appropriate.