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Guess the Prospect!

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Guess the Prospect!

I was a first round pick from a major college on the East Coast. A power-hitting first baseman/outfielder, I hit .273 with 13 homers in my pro debut in A-ball at age 22. The following year I moved up to Double-A and hit .272 with 14 homers. These might not sound like great numbers, but I was considered a very promising offensive prospect, and the context of the game was different back then than it is now. I broke out in my first Triple-A season, hitting .289 with 25 homers and earning a brief trial in the majors. In my fourth professional season, I devastated Triple-A pitching, hitting .355 with 25 homers and 33 doubles. I did not hit well in a major league trial, and ended up hitting just .186 in limited major league action the following season.

I was traded the next campaign to a team in another league. Given a part-time job as a platoon player, I hit just .223, although I did show good plate discipline. Stathead types felt that I would hit if given the chance, but there weren't as many statheads around in those days. The next year I went back to Triple-A and hit just .259 in limited action, hampered by injuries. I never appeared in the major leagues again, the promise I showed in college and in Double-A and Triple-A never fulfilled.

Who am I?

Note from John: I am currently working on the Arizona Diamondbacks. The first person to identify this player will get to pick the team I do after Arizona is finished.