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Photos from the Trip

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Photos from Arizona

We bought a new digital camera and I'm barely capable of using it. I couldn't zoom the camera properly and most photos came out too blurry to be useful. But I got a few decent photos to share with you on my trip.

First, Chase Headley of the San Diego Padres. I like his approach at the plate, but I am uncertain how much power he will develop.

Second, Gavin Floyd of the Philadelphia Phillies. He showed an effective curveball and a fastball with better movement than he's had in the regular season lately. I still think he can be an effective pitcher but he will probably need a change of scenery.

Third, Baltimore Orioles prospect Cory Morris, who has a low-90s fastball and a good curve but has been held back by control problems.

Fourth, Texas Rangers outfield sleeper prospect Anthony Webster, who has a lot of speed, some pop, and could be a useful reserve player if he maintains his plate discipline.

Finally, two views of the magnificent desolation of the American Southwest.

A nice place to visit, but I am a Midwesterner born and bred and I couldn't live in Arizona or New Mexico.