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Back in the Saddle

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Back from my long trip to Arizona and the First Pitch Conference. As usual, it was a terrific time. . .got to catch up with old friends, see some good fall league games, etc. I have some pictures that I will post later today or tomorrow, and I will also be writing up an article about the Fall League for Rotowire. I will have a Crystal Ball for you later this afternoon.

My main goal now is to get the 2007 book finished. The best thing you guys can do to help out the book process is to pre-order at You can use paypal or you can see how to send a check. And don't forget, .pdf copies of all previous editions (including 2006) are also available.

To whet your appetite, I will post a book excerpt to the uninitiated among you can see what the player comments are like. I am also sending book excerpts to newsletter subscribers, as well as player grades to everyone who pre-orders.

Here's an excerpt.