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Crystal Ball Review: Brandon McCarthy

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2006 Crystal Ball Review: Brandon McCarthy

2006 CB (posted October 5, 2005)

31 games, 29 starts, 8-8, 172 innings, 109/51 K/BB, 3.98 ERA

2006 Actual
53 games, 2 starts, 4-7, 85 innings, 69/33 K/BB, 4.68 ERA.

2006 CB Normalized for Actual innings
4-4, 85 innings, 54/25 K/BB, 3.98 ERA

When I did the CB last fall it looked like McCarthy would be a starter, but they used him in relief instead. The CB is not particularly close on a per-inning basis and looks like a miss to me, missing on both strikeouts and walks by a fair margin.