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Hits (prediction close enough that I'm happy with it)
Khalil Greene
Huston Street
Carl Crawford
Jeff Francouer
Prince Fielder
Bobby Jenks
Matt Murton
Rickie Weeks

Type 1 Miss (projected season was too good)
None So Far

Type 2 Miss (projected season wasn't good enough)
Ryan Howard
Joe Mauer
Grady Sizemore
Matt Cain
Lastings Milledge
Delmon Young
I am not sure how to classify Young and Weeks. My instinct says that both are close enough to qualify as hits, but I'm not sure and need some guidance. What do you guys think about that? Answer the poll!

UPDATE: More than half of you think I should get credit for at least one hit with Weeks and Young. I will go ahead and list Weeks as a hit and Young as a miss. If I were a fantasy player or general fan, I think the Weeks CB would be close enough to make me happy but that the Young CB would not be.