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Minor League Ball AL MVP Voting Results:
We had 318 votes. The Results:
Johan Santana: 77 votes (22%)
Derek Jeter: 69 votes (21%)
Justin Morneau: 51 votes (16%)
Joe Mauer: 44 votes (13%)
David Ortiz: 35 votes (11%)
Travis Hafner 14 votes, Carlos Guillen 12 votes, Jermaine Dye 9 votes, Frank Thomas 9 votes, Vernon Wells 2 votes.

COMMENT: Santana wins, with Jeter the "Non-Pitcher" choice. I voted for Joe Mauer myself.

Minor League Ball NL MVP Voting Results:
We had 323 votes. The Results:
Albert Pujols 168 votes (52%)
Ryan Howard 83 votes (25%)
Carlos Beltran 40 votes (12%)
Rafael Furcal 11 votes, Miguel Caberea 9 votes, Lance Berkman 5 votes, Alfonso Soriano 4 votes, David Wright 3 votes.

COMMENT: I'm not surprised that Pujols won, but I thought it would be a bit closer than this. I voted for Howard myself basically because I wanted to recognize his season, although perhaps that's not the best reason and I might vote for Pujols now if I re-took the poll.