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Text Messaging and Other Technology--from JERI

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Off topic today, at least for now.

Nicholas and I were watching a game show last night about a person trying to match answers with 100 other people. We came in half way through the show, so I'm not at all sure what the heck was going on. The point is that right before a commercial break they announced that you could text message them to enter some contest.

Nicholas wanted to do it, and I had to admit that I don't understand how text messaging works.

I know what it is, and I receive text messages from some idiot who frequently misdials a friend (r u there? r u there?)

I just don't know how to initiate it, and I don't get how to send a message of any kind to a number that has fewer than 7 digits.

Sadly, I have gotten old enough to be beyond caring that this technology has surpassed me. I think this lack of caring actually disturbs me more than the laughter coming out of my eight year old as he grabbed my phone and showed me how to text.

I think there's a certain life stage where a person becomes aware that they will never again intuitively understand new technology. For some folks in my parents' generation, that technology is likely computers, dvd/cd players. For others, that hit with the first microwaves and VCRs. For me, my technology intuition ends with using a telephone for non-telephone communication. Not to mention the absolute hatred I have for the concept of picture phones.

I can't help but think that this is where my 'old fart' tendencies will really start to show themselves. I know that I'll continue to use and attempt to understand new things, but I can't help but wonder what type of expletives will be muttered under my breath as I finally give up and sit back while my child takes care of it for me.

I guess I've resigned myself to this, even though I suspect that it's a bit early, at age 37, to declare myself technologically impaired.

Despite this, I have so declared myself.

My name is Jeri, and I'm a technology idiot.