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rate John's Predictions--maybe?-- From JERI

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Well, I just realized that the rest of John's predictions cannot be rated yet, as they involve ROYs and such.

We'll have to get to the rest after the series, and talk about something today.

In an unrelated note, there's a new show on Monday nights, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, that is really a good show. It is smart and snappy, and entertaining. Which, of course, means that it has low ratings and will probably be cancelled.

That happens a lot...a show that most people deem 'smart' gets to the chopping block with relative quickness, whereas Fear Factor continues to march on.

There was a show a few years ago, Sports Night, that was really good, really smart and snappy, coincidentally done by the same people as Studio 60, that was cancelled before the end of its first season.

What do you think? Has there been a really smart show that got cancelled before its time just for being smart? Would people find the show if it were just left on the air? OR, do people basically not want smart programming?

Sadly, I think it might be the latter. Look at Arrested Development: It was given a few seasons, was brilliant, and the audience never really clicked in.

Maybe folks just want to be spoonfed pablum?


P.S. I'll be back soon with a baseball question. It's just that it's early, I haven't had coffee yet, I have a fever, and I can't possibly think about baseball under these circumstances. I'll be back after coffee.