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Let's Bag on John--by JERI

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Hi, Guys! John is running behind on his work this week, so he's asked me to step in.

So, since he's cutting in on my valuable Star Trek Rerun watching time, he must pay.

Therefore, the Topic O' the Day is:


John made a series of predictions at the beginning of the season, and I want to know how he did. I don't want to look it up, but I figured you all would be happy to fill me in.

Over the next few days I'll post a few predictions that he made, and I'll ask you to rate his success.

Don't skip ahead and rate the predictions that I've not listed, as they will be subjects of later posts. We'll get to the whole list, fear not.

The next message I post will have the first round of predictions....feel free to be brutal! (KIDDING! Well, maybe...) Just be honest...but, have fun.