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Prospect Debate: Joel Guzman vs. Daric Barton

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Daric Barton and Joel Guzman are mutually exclusive prospect archtypes. Barton is the stereotypical stathead favorite: strong bat, terrific strike zone judgment, great relative performance numbers, but indifferent athleticism and non-optimal defensive value. Guzman is a scout's dream. . .wonderful athlete, tall, wiry strong, outstanding power potential, strong arm, has played very well for the most part at a young age, but has shaky plate discipline and needs additional offensive refinement. He probably won't be a shortstop in the long run, but has the arm strength and athleticism to be a fine defensive outfielder.

If you were starting a new major league franchise from scratch, and could pick either Barton or Guzman in the expansion draft, who would you rather have?