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John's away. I'm in charge now.

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Jeri here. Just kidding about being in charge. I was practicing for when I decide to become a fully functioning megalomaniac. (For those of you who might be my husband, NO, I'm not already.)

I've been editing the BPB 2006, which, conveniently enough, you can order by clicking on the picture to the left of this missive. You know the one.

I've been John's editor since 2003. In one sense, John's a dream to edit. He almost never makes typos, and he has good gramnerutical (ha!) skills. The down side to that, though, is that it becomes easy to scan, rather than read, because the assumption is that he hasn't made an error for a while, and therefore won't. I keep myself interested by changing minor things, such as taking long sentences with lots of commas and breaking them down into smaller sentences. I never change the meaning, because I clearly wouldn't know what the heck I was talking about.

At any rate, you are getting this little essay because I was starting to get googly-eyed from all the reading of comments. The book is in alphabetical order, and I just started the Cs. I can't imagine the lunacy that will befall me by the time I reach the Rs!