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I have a nice surprise for you.

We shipped the book Saturday. We got the book back from the printer Friday night (a week early), and we spent all day Saturday stuffing envelopes. Books should start arriving in your mail boxes on Tuesday.

We had tremendous help from my parents-in-law Marsh and Gwen, my brother-and-sister-in-law Joe and Karen, and neighbor friends Galen and Heather Thiess and Bob McWilliams. I'd also like to thank the Jayhawk Station Post Office here in Lawrence, for their cooperation in helping ship the book.

ONE PROBLEM with the book: the printer screwed up the covers. They used black font on blue, instead of the white font on blue we ordered. Worse, they somehow left "2006 Baseball Prospect Book" off the spine of the book! We could have made them re-do the order, but it would have delayed the book another 2 weeks which was unacceptable to us. We felt that it was more important to get the book to the customer quickly rather than wait another 10-14 days for the cover to be fixed.

While the cover of the book is NOT the way we wanted it, the innards of the book look terrific. We'd like to thank EVERYONE who ordered. Your books are on the way.