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Offensive Skills: Hitting for Average, Hitting for Power, Controlling the Strike Zone

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My name is Andrew McCutchen. I am a young hitter.

Question for the House:

When analyzing a baseball prospect at the LOWEST LEVELS of the minor leagues (short-season baseball), what do you think is the most important offensive skill for a player to have, ALL OTHER THINGS BEING EQUAL?

The three skills under consideration are

Hitting for average
Hitting for power
Strike Zone Judgment

Some points:

By "all other things being equal," I mean the players in question are the same age, play the same position, and are similar physically.

Which skill is most important at the lowest levels in terms of projecting future development? Note that I don't have a "right answer" in mind here. . .my thinking on this issue has shifted over the years, and I'm genuinely interested in what you guys think.