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John's on the Road Again---JERI

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Hi, guys. I'm really sorry that this is being posted so late. John is back in Cedar Rapids, basically to provide a little relief and support to his mother. His Grandmother is still here, but it probably won't be much longer.

That's actually o.k. It's hard to shake your fist at the fates when a (almost) 102 year old is going to die with no pain, and surrounded by all her children.

Now, on to business. John will make a post of some variety once he gets to his hotel room. Can you even remember how we survived as a species before the internet? Cell phones? I sometimes can't remember what things were like before we had this societal need to be constantly hooked up to something.

I used to go back and forth to college, all kinds of road trips, you name it--often late at night, with about $2 in my pocket, gas tank running on fumes. Now, 15+ years later, I get upset if I take off for Kansas City (25 minutes away)without my cell phone.

I'm either getting old or spoiled... I'm not sure which I'd rather cop to.

At any rate, back to my previous point, and yes, I did have one: John's really grateful for the patience you've shown him during the last couple crazy weeks. There aren't too many jobs where you can just not do it for a day and not get in big trouble. I know he's got some cool features planned for the coming weeks to make it up to you.