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Hi, Guys. This is Jeri, again. John has a pretty icky virus going, so he's in bed, leaving me to notify all of you.

He'll probably be over it by the morning. It's just a fever, headache and body aches. The good news is that we weren't on an airplane when it hit.

At any rate, the topic for today is:

Man, I've got nuthin'. O.K. Here's something:

It seems that most of you try really hard to find that totally obscure long shot to take a chance on. I'm sure you all have a million stories about the ones that didn't pan out, but what's your longest shot pick who paid off?

Now, I don't mean the Kerry Woods of the world. I'm talking about the one guy who, when you chose him, made the other members of you league laugh and roll their eyes at your big mistake.

So? What about it?