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The Future of the AL East

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Discussion Question: the future of the AL East.

New York and Boston are the behemoths here simply due to the financial resource advantages they hold. Baltimore certainly has enough available to compete as well, but the Angelosians haven't shown the ability to deploy it properly. The Blue Jays look like they are trying to make a run for it, while the D-Rays are taking the traditional player development tack.

Can Tampa Bay EVER hope to compete in this division? They have an impressive aggregation of young talent on the cusp, but will it be enough, and can the team be held together? Will the Orioles ever get their act figured out sufficiently? Are the Jays realistically going to make a run this year? At what point does the age on the New York roster catch up with them? Or have recent improvements in the Yankees farm system come quickly enough to help prevent old age from coming due? What does the post-Epstein future hold for the Red Sox?

Your thoughts?