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The book is finished, and Jeri is taking it to the printer today.

Assuming no complications at the printer, the book will ship to customers on the first Monday in February. This is the same day we shipped last year and the year before.

We will be taking a quick trip to Florida this weekend to visit relatives, another travel adventure with young children, this time via airplane. I will have my laptop with me and we should be able to send out the 50/50 list to new book orders.

NOTE: It is IMPERATIVE that you provide a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS if you order the book and want the 50/50 list sent to you early. We've had a few customers complain about not getting the list, but in almost all cases the email address they provided was invalid, or they had forgotten to provide an address.

I want to personally thank everyone who has ordered the book, or who will order the book, and I want to thank everyone who hangs out here at, and everyone who subscribes to the newsletter. You guys and gals have been extremely patient during the book writing process. Things will be returning to normal here next week, with Top 20 Organization Prospect Lists, and a revival of our favorite features and updates.

Again, thanks.