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Kyle Snyder Scouting Report

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Kyle Snyder, RHP, Kansas City Royals
2-3, 3.73 in 11 starts for Omaha, 45/19 K/BB in 60 innings. He looked good, throwing a no-hitter for 5.2 innings on Sunday. Fastball at 86-88 MPH. He threw his slider at a consistent 80 MPH, but he seemed to be working on his curveball in particular, throwing it at three different speeds: 75 MPH, 70 MPH, and 67 MPH. It was effective for him. Snyder also seemed to be working hard to keep his fastball low in the strike zone. He was successful until the sixth inning, when he started to get tired. He walked a guy, then lost the no-hitter on a cheap ground ball single. Visibly frustrated, he then reared back and threw a high fastball down the middle of the plate, which Ian Kinsler blasted for a long home run. Snyder no longer has the velocity to get away with any mistakes.