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Scouting Report Excerpt

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Scouting Report Excerpt:

Jason Botts, DH, Oklahoma Redhawks
Hitting .289/.379/.531, 25 homers, 31 doubles, 66 walks, 147 strikeouts in 495 at-bats. Botts is patient and works the count, but he has some serious vulnerabilities if these two games are any indication. Both Danny Tamayo and Kyle Snyder worked him with fastballs on the fists, which Botts either fouled off or didn't swing at. But once the fastball was established, they worked the outside corner with changeups or breaking balls, and Botts couldn't handle it. He'd tie himself up trying to kill the ball, but would either swing and miss it, or pull it weakly. Botts is a switch hitter, and he looked a lot more comfortable and polished swinging from the right side against Jaime Cerda. In any event, while I'm impressed with his strength and his ability to draw walks, he comes by his high strikeout rate honestly. Unless he does a better job against breaking stuff and off-speed pitches, he will have serious contact problems in the majors.