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Prospect Tidbit: Christian Snavely

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Thoughts on Christian Snavely

The flip side of a guy like Chris Nelson is Christian Snavely, an outfielder-infielder in the Blue Jays system.

The Jays drafted Snavely in the sixth round in 2003, out of Ohio State. He hit just .255/.332/.317 in 64 games at Auburn in the NY-P League, but showed more offense the following season at Class A Charleston, hitting .254/.362/.459 with 14 homers. This year, for Lansing in the Midwest League, he hit .287/.390/.444, with 11 homers, 67 walks, and 80 strikeouts in 408 at-bats.

Alert readers will note that Lansing and Charleston are both low-A clubs. While his numbers improved this year, he was essentially repeating the same level of competition, meaning we have to take his improvement with several shipping containers of salt. Snavely does have good plate discipline and a bit of pop in his bat. He is versatile on defense, capable in the infield and the corner outfield. At age 23, he cannot be considered a hot prospect, rather he fits best as an organizational player. If I were the Jays, I would try to push him to Double-A in '06. If he can handle that level, he'd have potential as a major league bench guy.