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You're the GM! Astros Edition

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You're the GM! Astros Edition

Per reader request, You're the GM for the Houston Astros.

Reader Hawaiiman231 came up with these questions, which make sense to me.

1) What do you do about Jeff Bagwell?
He's due 17 million next season, but if he can't field why play him? Do you trade him to the AL as a DH? If you do that does your fan base cry in outrage? You don't pay a pinch hitter that much money do you? Does he retire?
2) How do you go around paying 4 players 61 million dollars next year (Bagwell, Oswalt, Pettitte, Berkman)? That doesn't even include Clemens? Or arbitration for Adam Everett, Morgan Ensberg and Brad Lidge?
3) How does question 2 affect any free agent or trade acquistions? The owner has said his payroll will not exceed 90 million! So what happens?
4) How do you rank your minor league system? Do you feel you have enough talent (Patton, Nieve, Hirsh, Zobrist, Pence) to offset the near end of the franchise's run to a championship?
5) How do you feel about Willy Taveras? His on-base skills remain marginal. Should he be a regular?
6) And what about Craig Biggio and Brad Ausmus? Both are past their prime and are in free agency years. Do you re-sign both? Clemens has said he won't think about coming back next year without Ausmus! But with his offense, can you afford keeping him? And do you impede on Chris Burke's development by re-signing Biggio?