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Gulf Coast League Honors

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Gulf Coast League
POSITION PLAYER: Dodgers third baseman Eduardo Perez led the league with a .352 average. He also led the league in SLG at .553, and was third in OBP at .405.
STARTING PITCHER: Kyle Edlich of the Twins led the circuit with a 1.70 ERA, also posting a strong 53/15 K/BB in 48 innings. Robert Manuel of the Mets was third in the league with a 2.06 ERA, while tying for the league lead with eight wins. He also posted an excellent 49/4 K/BB in 57 innings. I think I will go with Manuel, but it's a close call.
CLOSER: The save leader was Aaron Craig of the Twins with 10, but his 1-3 record and 3.97 ERA are unattractive. David Williams of the Braves was second with seven saves, and also posted a superb 0.47 ERA with a 25/4 K/BB in 19 innings. I will go with Williams. Other candidates include Jose De La Cruz of the Marlins (1.56 ERA, 6 saves), Orlando Perdomo of the Tigers (7 saves, 2.65), and Alex Gonzalez of the Red Sox (7 saves, 3.04).