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Arizona Rookie League Honors

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Lorenzo Cain

Arizona Rookie League
POSITION PLAYER: Royals shortstop Jeff Bianchi hit .408/.484/.745, but was limited to just 28 games by a back injury, keeping him from the qualifying lists. I think we have go to with Brewers outfielder Lorenzo Cain, who was second in the league with a .356 average, seventh with a .418 OBP, and led the league with a .566 SLG. He also stole 12 bases. There were a lot of guys who put up gaudy numbers, but Cain had the most pop.
STARTING PITCHER: Padres prospect Ernesto Frieri led the league with a 1.17 ERA in 46 innings, and tied for the league lead with 7 wins. He also struck out 59 guys in 46 innings, allowing only 21 hits. Other candidates include Angels pitcher Tom Mendoza (1.55 ERA but just a 3-3 record), and Royals control artist Rayner Oliveros (7-1, 2.39, 48/5 K/BB in 75 innings).
CLOSER: Giants closer Jordan Thomson led the league with seven saves, and also posted a sound 2.77 ERA, but pitched just 13 innings. KC's Henry Barrera (6 saves), Angels Pedro Herrera (5 saves), and Athletics Josh Kay (5 saves) were behind him on the save list and pitched more innings, but all of them had higher ERAs.