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Northwest League Honors

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POSITION PLAYER: No clear winner. Salem-Keizer first baseman William Thompson led the league with a .384 average, but he barely qualified with just 185 at-bats. Teammate Mike Mooney was second at .342 in 304 at-bats, and finished fourth with a .516 SLG. He was sixth in OBP and stole 13 bases, but didn't show the same level of strike zone judgment as some of the other candidates. Everett's J.B. Tucker led with a .580 SLG, almost 50 points higher than anyone else.
STARTING PITCHER: Three good candidates here. Mike Madsen of Vancouver led the league with a 1.69 ERA. Brenton Carter of Eugene was second at 1.88, but posted a terrific 66/7 K/BB ratio in 72 innings. Shane Lindsay of Tri-City was third at 1.89, but struck out 107 men in just 67 innings. I think I will go with Lindsay.
CLOSER: Brian Anderson of Salem-Keizer led the circuit with 19 saves, posted a 1.95 ERA, and racked up an impressive 42/3 K/BB in 28 innings.