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POSITION PLAYER: Auburn outfielder Ryan Patterson led the circuit in SLG, was third in batting average, second in homers, and first in RBI. The other strong candidate is Auburn third baseman Neil Sellers, who had a higher OBP and better plate discipline, but less power production.
STARTING PITCHER: No clear winner here. Robert Parnell of Brooklyn and Todd Redmond of Williamsport had sub-2.00 ERA, but combined for just three wins due to lack of run support. David Seccombe of Staten Island was fourth with a 2.15 ERA and won eight games to lead the league. Wade Davis of Hudson Valley posted a 2.72 ERA, won seven games, and led the league in strikeouts.
CLOSER: Josh Schmidt of Staten Island was second in the league with 13 saves, but posted a 0.27 ERA and a 47/8 K/BB in just 33 innings, allowing only 14 hits and ONE run.