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Guess the Prospect!

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Guess the Prospect!

I was drafted by an American League Eastern Division club in the late 1970s, as part of the old supplemental January draft. I hit just .236 in rookie ball at the age of 18, though I did manage to steal 13 bases. The next year I boosted my average all the way up to .251, in full-season ball, and I stole 25 bases. I was hardly doing WELL, but I was just 19 and in an advanced Class A league.

I split the next season between Class A and Double-A, hitting .318 at the first stop but just .243 at the second. I had no power at this stage, but was starting to get some attention for my speed. The next season (1980) I was limited to just 78 games by injury, but I did hit .283 in Double-A. I started to break out in 1981, hitting .322 with 24 steals in Double-A at the age of 22.

I was traded before the 1982 season, earning a job with my new team and hitting very well in major league action. I had a long career, was known for my speed and ability to hit for average with occasional spikes of gap power. I hung on in the majors until I was 40 years old.

Who am I?