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Crystal Ball: Jeremy Hermida

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Crystal Ball: Jeremy Hermida

I started this Crystal Ball by looking at Jeremy Hermida's MLEs for 2004 and 2005, and tried to extrapolate from that basis. Note that things like RBI and runs scored are very dependent on team context. I'm more interested in the shape of his career than the specifics of some of the counting numbers, and I think the shape of his career will look something like this:

Now, I'm NOT predicting that he will play for Boston and Atlanta. That's impossible to predict of course. But I do think he is going to end up as a guy with very strong secondary skills: walks, above-average but not spectacular power, strong OBP, some speed early in his career that fades gradually. The Crystal Ball reflects this.

THIS IS A STARTING POINT FOR DISCUSSION. No one needs to get bent out of shape about this. Questions to answer: does this projection underestimate his power potential? Does it underestimate his
batting average?