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I'm back home again. Gas was between $2.95 and $3.00 the entire way from Burlington to Lawrence. I think it's a good time to stop taking trips.

I will be operational with a regular posting schedule starting Friday. I took a lot of photos last night at Burlington, but the ones I took from behind home plate and from the first base line turned out too dark. The ones I took from the third base line turned out pretty well. Here are three interesting hitters from the Clinton Lumberkings, Texas Rangers farm team.

Outfielder Brandon Boggs. Toolsy, fast and strong, good strike zone judgment. Hitting .241/.350/.422 in 83 games with 12 homers and 13 steals. Looks like a sleeper to me, if he can get his batting average up a bit. Fourth-round pick out of Georgia Tech in 2004.

Third Baseman Matt Smith, 2-for-14 in his first five games for Clinton. Athletic and somewhat toolsy for his size, although more of a line drive hitter and less of a power guy than Boggs. Very good plate discipline, also fundamentally sound and alert in the field.

First baseman Jim Fasano, hitting .301/.361/.463, 21 doubles and 10 homers in 94 games. Big swing from the left side, plus power, ninth-round pick from the University of Richmond in 2004.