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You're the GM! Giant Headache Edition

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You're the GM! Giant Headache Addition

Peter Angelos has just appointed you to be the new General Manager of the Baltimore Orioles. He says you have complete freedom of action, including as much money as you want for free agents or the farm system. He says he won't interfere.

Things to consider:

Do you believe Angelos? How long do you think it will take for him to start acting like George Steinbrenner on meth again?
So, what do you do? You have "complete freedom of action." What free agents do you look to pick up?
Or will you build through the farm system? The latter may make the most sense in the long run, but do you trust Angelos to not fire you if you don't get immediate results? You do need to keep your job. You have a family to feed.
What improvements do you want to make with the farm system? Of your current prospects, are there any you consider untouchable?