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You're the GM! Wal-Mart Edition

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You're the GM! Allard Baird Edition

You are the General Manager of the Kansas City Royals.

How do you fix this team? You have some young talent, and a gradually improving farm system, but the fans are impatient, and you don't have a lot of money to spend.

You have the foundation of an outstanding bullpen, but some people think that guys like Andy Sisco and Ambiorix Burgos would be better off in the rotation. Do you consider this, or do you keep them in relief so you can match what Minnesota has done?
What can be done with Zach Greinke? Is it just a matter of him being rushed?
Second base: Ruben Gotay or Donnie Murphy? Or someone else?
First base/DH: Justin Huber should be ready next year. How do you mix things up with Sweeney?
Third Base: Mark Teahen was definitely rushed. Assuming you sign Alex Gordon and he plays as well as expected, how patient are you with Teahen? Should Gordon be moved to the outfield?

The outfield: David DeJesus is solid in center field. What do you do at the corners? Emil Brown has done OK this year but fits better as a fourth outfielder. Chip Ambres looks good in early action. You have a decent but not outstanding prospect in Shane Costa coming up. Matt Diaz is tearing up Triple-A but is old for a prospect and has an iron glove. Mitch Maier and Chris Lubanski are at least a year away. Billy Butler, 2004 first-round pick, is on the fast track and playing very well, but probably won't be ready until '07. What are your options for '06?

The '06 draft: you will likely have the first pick. What/who do you target? Pitching? Another college hitter to match with Gordon?

Kansas City is the ultimate low-revenue test. Please avoid facile statements like "get a new owner." Lay out a concrete set of options and plans.