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Prospect Retro: Craig Biggio

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Per reader request, Prospect Retro for Craig Biggio.

Craig Biggio was drafted by the Astros in the first round in 1987, 22nd overall, out of Seton Hall University. He was brilliant in his pro debut, hitting .375/.470/.597 with 31 steals in just 64 games for Asheville in the South Atlantic League after signing. Speed, power, walks, a low strikeout rate, he did it all. In college, he was very respected for his athleticism and polish, and was certainly considered a solid first-round pick, although I think he took a lot of people by surprise with how quickly he adjusted to pro baseball, in terms of being dominant right away. He would be a clear Grade A- or perhaps even a Grade A prospect at this point.

The Astros jumped Biggio directly to Triple-A in 1998. He hit .320/.405/.456 with 19 steals in 77 games. Although he struggled in 50 games with Houston, he turned things around in '89 with a decent season for the Astros, solidifying his status as a regular. His big breakout occurred in '93 at the age of 27.

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