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More Zach Duke! (AP photo)

I asked a
poll question
about Zach Duke a couple of days ago, and I thought the results were fascinating.

Zach Duke 2006 Results

Pitch Brilliantly: 8 votes, 7%
Pitch Above-Average Baseball: 64 votes, 62%
League-Average Pitcher: 21 votes, 20%
Below-Average Pitcher but not awful: 6 votes, 5%
Pitches well but gets hurt: 3 votes, 2%
Pitches poorly and gets hurt: 1 vote, 0%

We had 103 total votes through 3:00 PM central on August 24.

Almost 70% of respondents think that Duke will be above-average or brilliant in the majors next year. Amazingly, only 4% of you thought that Duke will get hurt. Now, understand, I like Duke, and he's done extremely well so far, but I can't help but think that the community is being a bit optimistic here. Duke is a good young pitcher, and good young pitchers blow up in your face with alarming frequency.