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You're the GM! American League September Call-Up Edition

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You're the GM! AMERICAN LEAGUE September Call-Up Edition

Which prospects in Double-A and Triple-A should be called up for September. I'm not talking about a brief sit-on-the-bench and look around cup-of-coffee, but rather guys who could come up and actually see significant action. We need to look at everyone, contending teams needing specific help, and non-contending teams auditioning players for `06.

This post is for AMERICAN LEAGUE TEAMS ONLY. I will post a separate thread for the NL.

Red Sox:
Craig Hansen is the obvious candidate. What do you think of him? Papelbon? Lester? Sanchez? Anyone else?

Anyone on the farm you'd like to see get a chance?

Daric Barton has been hashed out in other threads, but what do you think of other candidates? Any hope for Jack Cust at DH?

Joel Zumaya?

King Felix is already up. How hard to you ride him down the stretch?

Francisco Liriano? Boof Bonser? Travis Bowyer? Scott Baker? Lots of arms here to consider for '06.

These are just some to consider; every team has names to think about. Feel free to suggest and discuss your own!