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You're the Farm Director!

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You're the Farm Director! St. Louis Cardinals Edition

You are the farm director of the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Major League club is firmly in control of the National League Central. Your job is to make sure it stays that way over the next five years.

How do you see the condition of your farm system overall? Most experts regard the system as thin. Do you agree? If so, what do you do about it? What should your drafting strategy be? Should you put more money into Latin America or the Far East?

Anthony Reyes looks great. Is he ready for the rotation next year? What about the erratic Adam Wainwright? 2004 first-rounder Chris Lambert has been ineffective in Double-A. What do you do with him?

Hitting talent looks very thin, and there are no obvious impact players on the way up. Do you want to focus on college hitters with polish, high school hitters with tools, or a mixed approach?