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Lefty: "Hey, bud"
Ernie: "Who, ME?"
Lefty: "Yeah, you. C'mere. I got something for ya."
Ernie: "WHAT IS IT?"
Lefty: "SHH!!! It's an arm, a golden arm."
Ernie: "A GOLDEN ARM?"
Lefty: "SHHHHH!!!!! Yeah. A rare golden arm."

I always feel like Lefty the Salesman drawing Ernie into a scam when I talk about pitching prospects in the low minors. But here are some names for you to look at in the Sally League.

Blake Johnson, RHP, Los Angeles Dodgers (Columbus Catfish)
Colin Balester, RHP, Washington Nationals (Savannah Sand Gnats)
Gary Galvez, RHP, Boston Red Sox (Greenville Bombers)
Luis Ramirez, RHP, Baltimore Orioles (Delmarva Shorebirds)

I will be sending out a report on these players to newsletter subscribers on Friday.